Big Mother | Red Rover, Red Rover

by D. M. LeBlanc


2030-03-06 | 14:04 UET

Unit 7: Casen Silvers [US]


“Helloooo Earthlings! This is Casen, hailing from the red planet.

It’s now Day Two of my quarantine. I’m being kept in my own unit for now. And it looks like –ehhh—Xiao, is now standing guard at the door. That’s okay. Mhmn. You know I love you, brother.

My team got lunch together for me. Very cool of them. Thanks guys!

It’s kinda… hard to eat though. I’m ahhh… still worried about Tom. They told me he was awake, but it doesn’t look too good. Yann’s working on him with Seema. So, yeah, hopefully they’ll patch him up real nice.

I’m not sure when they’ll let me out of here. So, if you don’t see me in Living Room Three at Eighteen Hundred Earth Time… I guess I’ll still be locked up in my unit.

Peace out, my Family and Followers.”

2030-03-06 | 21:33 UET

Unit 7: Casen Silvers [US]


“Hello, Baby Blue. Casen here.

I’m sorry I missed you guys at this evening’s co-live broadcasting. As you probably heard, it has been decided that I will not be allowed to leave my unit. For now anyway. Until the teams have sat down with the co-founders and the UN. Looks like we’re making inter-galactic history here.

I also heard that Tom and I’s little… misunderstanding has gone viral. Man, they don’t keep anything from you guys, do they? Shit has changed.

I’m sure you know Tom’s not doing so hot.  He was stabilized by Yann, but one of his lungs collapsed and he’s on respiratory support.

Yeahhh… So…

If you get the chance to see this, Tom: I’m sorry. But –hahahaha!

You’re ahhh…

Supposed to be dead.

I guess even some 300 years later, we Americans still aren’t too keen on the Motherland’s rule.

Sure, you’re the celebrity face of this little space troupe, a charismatic –may I say, handsome man, and I’m certain that those little sperm ice cubes you’re selling back home is making plenty of Earth-mommas very, very happy, but… I didn’t vote for you. None of us did. Baby Blue voted you here, but she didn’t make you king of this red rock.

There are times when dramatic actions are needed to stop a situation before it swings out of control. We’re supposed to be making a new start over here. Not the same mistakes.

At least with you out of the picture, I’ll get a fair trial.

Fuck you, Tom.”

2030-03-06 | 21:47 UET

Unit 13: Yann Dubois [FR]


“Ah! My Friends…

I have some grave news to report to you. Thomas Cook’s health is deteriorating.

Immensely so.

I do not think that he will make it past the next few days.

The doctors, Seema, and I are doing our best to keep him living, but we are not confident that he will make the recovery. Our finest surgeon, Mr. Silvers, will obviously not be permitted to perform upon Mr. Cook.

We are in an unhappy state right now. Mr. Silvers is being held in his quarters, and we will be meeting with the Terre committee who will advise us upon Mr. Silver’s fate. This is all an unprecedented scene and careful choices will have to be made.

I do not wish to make trouble, but I feel it necessary to say: I do love my Mother Earth, but I think it is best that this event be handled at the base and not put to an Earth-vote.

I’m sure my statement will displease our benefactors, but this is not your planet.

It is ours. Let me make that clear.

Regardless of how thrilling something like a death sentence would be for Mr. Silvers, we do not wish to escalate the violence here. We are too small a crew for that.

I respect you, Mother Earth, but you have not always been kind.”

2030-03-07 | 06:20 UET

Unit 7: Casen Silvers [US]


“Hello, my Terra Brethren!

This is indeed, Casen Silvers of Unit Seven—formally known as my bedroom! Now functioning as our very first prison cell!

This is all terribly exciting, isn’t it?

My comrades have officially met with the UN and our Earth-based teams regarding—well, me. Mostly. I guess Tom’s state of health was discussed. But it looks like he’s going to “succumb to his injuries.”


I really tried to take him out humanely. I did. But he just didn’t want to go.

And I’m sure you all have heard; the committee wanted to put my fate in your hands. How nice, huh?

We’re just little puppets up here, following every string you guys pull.

Well, it’s not gonna play out that way this time. There’s going to be an Earth-vote, and without Tom being able to play Commander and Chief, the current base members—let’s see, that would be fourteen, minus Tom and I—are going to make the final call. My team is really looking out for me. Xiao, Esther, and Pietro, I love you guys! The Second-Landers really are the best.

And for you weirdoes out there plaguing our video message forum, I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news first: I do not still have that dinner knife.

Awhhh… I know. I’m real sorry, guys.

The good news, how-eh-vaaa… Pietro does! And Pietro has scanned it, uploaded the digital schematic, aaand made it available to you. Yay! Right?

You guys should really get behind that dude. I know—believe me—I know, he’s a strange one, but he’s got some serious balls! The schematic can be purchased from the Mission’s main webstore, and you can print out your very own little Martian Murder Weapons! Yay!

Fucking psychos. You win.

But hey, I shouldn’t complain, it’s put bread—or the vacuumed-sealed, stale version of it—on my plate. I should thank you guys.

Really, I should.

Besides… Who am I to judge? I’m sure you’ve seen the strange things we do when we pretend that the cameras aren’t rolling. It’s real life. Without the edits.

Captain Casen, out!

And still, the camera keeps rolling…”

2030-03-07 | 07:02 UET

Unit 1: Thomas Cook [UK]


“Can they… h-hear me?”

“Yes, Mr. Cook. The microphones can pick you up quite well. Take your time. I’m sure our Friends have the patience to wait just a little longer to hear your voice. They can see that you are pained.”


I am so happy to hahhhhh—kaugh! Hahhh—have the opportunity to speak to you all. I wanted to tell you myself that I…


I have listened to your votes and am allowing Yann Dubois and Miss—hmn… Seema Lackman to assist me in my death.”

“My Friends! You have voted to take the life of our best surge---“

Shh! Let him speak, Yann.”

“… Haurgh! Tell Sarah… Tell my wife… I love h-h-herr---I love her very much!”

“She can see you. She knows. She knows.”

2030-03-07 | 07:58 UET

Unit 4: Seema Lackman [IN]


“I am sorry to inform you that—that umm… Thomas Cook of Team One, Unit One is not longer with us. He has passed with the assistance of my fellow medics and… and myself.

I’m so sorry, Friends.

We tried to save him. We did the best we could.”

2030-03-21 | 10:18 UET

Unit 7: Casen Silvers [US]


“Hey guys.

Serving out Day Nineteen of my sentence. Seventy-one Days to go before the re-trial! Whoop, whoop…!


You guys really outdid yourselves with designing Tom’s headstone. Badass lions, roses, motorcycles–I didn’t know he was a Harley rider--and crowns everywhere! To top it off a big-ass British flag right in the middle.

You know what you guys have done, right?

You’ve erected the UK flag on this planet. Doesn’t that mean the Red Coats own this land now? It’s colonialism---Part Deux!

And I thought you guys were the smart cookies. Bunch a’ trolls instead!

The lasers are out right now. Carving out the damned thing. Using our precious red rock too.

And of course, it’s fucking gorgeous! Ugh!

Think you guys can design a new Miami for my family? You know, my bio-fam? I was told today that Florida’s appendage is seeing some serious mutilation. My sisters and dad have been relocated along with the rest of The Tip.

I’m sure you realize, but it’s still your guys’ job to figure out global warming.

There isn’t enough room over here. Trust me.

Anyhow… Xiao finally let me see the poll results from our last Earth election. You did know they’re censoring me, right? I can only see or hear what my team allows. I am also running on the assumption that my unit is still on live feed, you guys, and I’m not just talking to myself.

Might make for an insanity plea though…

So, the results:

You guys, um, wanted to off me.

For real. A death sentence.

Guess you weren’t so keen on my handiwork.

Having the ability to see every drop of sweat and blood in HD 3D –I still have a hard time believing they let all of that feed over to you guys. But I guess it shouldn’t surprise me; this is playing right out into their hands, isn’t it?

 Money can still make a lot of people happy.

I hope you guys know that I did what I had to. Tom’s interests in our Mission were seriously compromised. He wanted to bring the Old World disease right over into our fresh, new start. I couldn’t have that.

We tried to save him.

I’m not the monster. And the others know it.  

Otherwise, I’d already be out there. Floating with good ol’ Tommy.

Trust me.

Red Rover, Out.”