Artist Bio

D. M. LeBlanc was born in Pittsfield Massachusetts, and spent a majority of childhood in upstate New York bouncing between a small local library and the forest behind their house. Through explorations in nature LeBlanc acquired a deep sense of appreciation for the flora and fauna of the northeast, but in reading the many books stacked in their bedroom, also an open curiosity for the foreign world outside the semi-rural town. These burgeoning interests laid the foundation for what was to be a lifelong pursuit of the visual and literary arts.


D. M. LeBlanc has worked as a freelance illustrator for private clients throughout their time as a visual arts student. At Ringling, LeBlanc co-founded the Storytelling and Writing Club and in 2013 the group showcased their first collaborative exhibition. In 2015, LeBlanc became a member of the Innovation Team at Hasbro Toys where game-changing concepts were created and pitched for the Girl's Design Team. In 2017, LeBlanc returned to the capital district of New York and has been developing a new body of folklore inspired work along with the manuscript to a YA novel.